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WiFi Overview 360 Pro v4.40.01 Paid Cracked Apk

WiFi Overview 360

WiFi Overview 360 – The general WiFi apparatus, incl. Gadgets

WiFi Overview 360 and the Pro form is not just a WiFI-Scanner, which demonstrates all WiFis in reach, the application is a great deal more. This application is a “Swiss Army Knife” for WiFis.

With this device you can oversee and advance your utilized remote system and with one look you’ll get point by point data of the WiFis (WiFi name (SSID), signal quality, channelnumber, encryptionin – open or not and significantly more) in your surroundings.

The tab “Ch Check” (Channel Checker) and “Ch. Radar” (Channel Radar) are effective apparatuses to upgrade your own WiFi system. For best execution your system must utilize a channel or recurrence range where are no different remote systems or little as could be expected under the circumstances. WiFi Overview 360 gives you the best decision for the channel.

With a capable “WiFi Detector/Sniffer” (just Pro Version), who extended the Android work immensely. “WiFi Detector” searching for open WiFis, gives a warning (sound, pop-up content window, vibrate and content to-discourse – in the event that you need) and can associate consequently.

Principle elements are:

– WiFi Detector – the intense open system discoverer (just Pro form)

– “Brisk interface alternate route”, you can set an alternate way to switch/associate snappy and simple between/to WiFis (just Pro form)

– change WiFi need physically (just Pro form)

– included 1×1, 2×1 and 4×1 gadgets with various styles

– WiFi scanner

– WiFi sorting choices for “quality”, “one after another in order”, “channel” and “open/known Wi-Fis”

– programmed WiFi initiation at startup – if off, and programmed turn-off toward the end

– manual approach to include a system

– point by point WiFi data

– graphical representation of every single remote system in the working reach

– channel checker for the best channel decision

– Tablet support

– WiFi Internet association check

– and considerably more …

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WiFi Overview 360

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WiFi Overview 360

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WiFi Overview 360 Pro v4.40.01 Paid Cracked Apk




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